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mi-pad 595® Installation

A two storey home, built in just one hour

Time-effective techniques

Assembling mi-pad 595® in five easy steps

A two storey, one or two bedroom dwelling can be delivered on one articulated lorry and assembled in under an hour. Here’s how we do it….


Prior to the arrival of mi-pad 595® on-site, screw piles are drilled into the ground at the points at which your new home will be sited. This usually takes a few hours and can be done in advance of mi-pad 595® being delivered. A theodolite (an instrument for checking angles) is used to ensure everything is level before the installation of the ground floor can commence.


mi-pad 595® arrives on-site in two sections, having been transported on a single articulated lorry, protected by shrink-wrapped film made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which can be easily recycled. Thanks to the way ingenious way in which mi-pad® has been developed and constructed, it is already equipped with everything needed to ‘plug & play’ meaning, after installation is completed you are good to go!


With the level of the screw piles checked, mi-pad® unwrapped and the crane in position, it is time to start the stopwatch and get your new home constructed. The ground floor is carefully craned into position and, after the relevant checks, the services are connected to the pipework from the dwelling to the mains whilst the second floor is prepped.


The second floor is now craned on to site and fixed to the ground floor securely before the last of the services are connected.


And that’s it! You are ready to move into your new home and enjoy the space, flexibility and ingenuity of mi-pad 595®.

Style & Substance

Style & Substance