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Smarter low-impact living

Owning your dream home needn’t cost the earth

mi-pad is a unique, affordable eco-house that’s built to last, without having a lasting effect on the environment. Thanks to clever integrated green energy systems, each mi-pad dwelling is designed to be not only a sustainable home, but also a self-sustaining one – making it significantly cheaper to run than a traditional house.

Integrated water supply

Integrated water supply

With the world’s first integral rooftop water collector and purifier, mi-pad is able to harvest, store and treat rainwater for domestic use. Of course, mi-pad can also be connected to water mains.

Innovative solar <br>roof

Innovative solar

The innovative solar roof captures more energy than regular systems, which it turns into electricity to power all lighting and appliances. When not in use, the electricity is stored in a central battery. There’s even a charging point for a DC electric car or bike.

Self-sufficient heating

Self-sufficient heating

A two storey mi-pad has minimal heating costs, because it’s built to heat itself – with a design that captures the sun’s warmth, and super-insulated walls to retain it. It also has a unique silicone-carbon infrared heating system plus the option of a log-burner for cold climates.

A totally green<br> home

A totally green

It deals with recycling using alternative methods. Also, mi-pad itself is made of three key materials which are recyclable: timber, steel, and polyurethane foam.

Technological home security

Technological home security

mi-pad can sense carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide – then rebalance the air using oxygen, even if there’s no-one at home. It also has a sprinkler system and keyless entry.

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We invited people to share their experiences of mi-pad

mi-pad has received positive feedback from various generations and backgrounds. We asked homeowners and businesses what they thought of mi-pad and have captured their feelings below.

We invited people to share their experiences of mi-pad

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Visionary home design

mi-pad vista

One of the greatest features of the mi-pad is its vista. The dwelling’s curved walls and windows not only capture more natural light and heat from the sun; they also afford a broader perspective and greater sense of freedom.

From the inside

A bedroom window in a four-walled house only shows a 2D image, which when viewed close to the glazing creates a kind of tunnel vision. Even if there’s a second window on the same wall, the image remains 2D. A mi-pad dwelling has up to four windows in a third of its wall plane, giving you a continuous perspective of the outside world – effectively a 3D image.

From the outside

In a traditional house, sunshine enters at a 90-degree angle and remains two-dimensional. Through the curved exterior of a mi-pad dwelling, sunlight enters constantly from different angles during the sun’s cycle – making each room feel more spacious and light than four-walled rooms of the same size.

mi-pad vista

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mi-pad Community

A more connected way of life

mi-pad isn’t just about creating a home that’s satisfying and sustainable, but also a positive community that each mi-pad dweller can nurture and build together for generations to come.

A mi-pad community will afford a greater sense of ownership, care and freedom to those living in it, with dwellers sharing and maintaining the space as a ‘garden village’. They may also share energy and water (each mi-pad can sustain sufficient water storage to support 2.4 people depending on location).

A more connected way of life

Dwell in the revolution

The future of sustainable housing is here

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