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mi-pad® Affordability

mi-pad® from just £59,995*

Imagine owning a beautiful home that’s as friendly to your bank balance as it is to the environment.

Imagine life without a hefty mortgage and rising energy bills. Imagine working less and spending more time enjoying the things you love. Imagine no more.

At almost half the price of a traditional bricks-and-mortar house and 50 times cheaper to run, mi-pad is a dream-come-true for homebuyers across the world. Buying a mi-pad home offers huge cost savings and a better quality of life, because it’s extremely energy-efficient and the mortgage demands a much lower income.

Example mi-pad prices

1 bedroom, one-storey apartment = £59,995*

3 bedroom, two-storey mi-pad = £158,000*

*Prices are subject to specification and don’t include: delivery and installation fees, a site, the site services, furnishings and fittings.

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Price comparison

mi-pad vs. traditional home pricing

This comparison is based on a 20% deposit – smaller deposit options are available

mi-pad vs. traditional home pricing

Dwell in the revolution

The future of sustainable housing is here

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