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mi-pad 360® Installation

A three-bedroom house, built in one day

Time-effective techniques

Assembling mi-pad in five easy steps

A three-bedroom mi-pad dwelling can be delivered on four trucks and assembled in a single day – almost as quickly as a delivery of flat-pack furniture. Here’s how…


The steel central structure goes on first. From the back of the lorry, it’s fully righted then craned into position and attached via the threaded bolts running through the steel section into the screw-pile adaptor plates. A theodolite (an instrument for checking angles) is used to ensure everything is level before installing the ground-floor sections.


The first of the three sections is lifted and lowered on to the screw piles via the fixed chain and frame-lifting rig. The water and electrical services are connected to each section during assembly to maximise the working area. The remaining sections follow suit.


Once the ground floor is in place, the alignment is checked using the theodolite and the structure is double-checked against the mi-pad construction manual to ensure nothing is missed.


The first floor goes on, starting with the stair opening/kitchen section. All sections are simply lifted, aligned, lowered and then fastened to the central steel sections and one other via the 22mm threaded bolts through the ring beam and joist beam. This process is repeated for a three-storey dwelling.


Once all sections are in, the remaining services are connected and tested. Job done. The mi-pad is now ready for decorating, furnishing and enjoying.

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