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Offsite homebuilding that works better

How a new way of manufacturing homes offsite can save serious time and money, while helping to reduce our footprint on the environment.

We’ve all seen those episodes of aspirational house programmes where a few lorries arrive and the constituent parts of a futuristic-looking home are unloaded, before being constructed in a matter of a few days or weeks by a dedicated crew of expert fitters – of course, with the help of some rather large cranes.

But many of us would never have thought it was for us. *We* build houses the traditional way, with materials delivered to site, with our builders fitting them there and then; sending back what they haven’t used, and scrapping the off-cuts, leftovers and bits that didn’t quite work.

We’re so used to it that we don’t even think of it as wastage any more. It’s how it’s done, and the alternative is the reserve of the privileged – the owners of million-pound eco-properties who get their dream homes shipped in from fashionable designer factories in mainland Europe.

Faster, more cost-effective homes

It doesn’t have to be that way. Manufacturing houses offsite needn’t involve tens of thousands’ worth of bespoke kit, yet it can mean more cost and environmental savings, and a much speedier construction process.

Thanks to its clever design, mi-pad offers a shorter build-time than other offsite manufactured houses. As well as cutting labour and material costs, and reducing time onsite and the risks associated with unpredictable weather, you only need semi-skilled labour.

In-house design and manufacture reduces the need for trades to visit the site, as much of the first fix work can be done in the factory. For the reduction in traffic to site alone, your neighbours, the local community and Mother Nature will thank you. 

You can control the build process much more too, with much fewer mistakes, better management of health and safety, and more efficient cutting of materials to reduce wastage.

Now that really is 21st century construction.

What makes mi-pad different to other eco-homes? Read more.

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