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Reasons to be excited about a Cold Rolled Forming machine!

It may not sound like the most exciting piece of equipment in the World, but here at mi-pad® HQ there is a real buzz around the factory in preparation for this gargantuan piece of machinery.

The reason for all this excitement..? The possibilities are- literally- endless!

 Last year we sat down and started to think about what we needed to do to make mi-pad 595® the success we knew it could be, and after much brainstorming and many cups of tea, it was realised that it was panels, panels is what we needed.

We set about trying to find a company who could not only decipher our many pieces of paper with squares drawn on them, but to then make the squares into the elements we needed to construct the panels that would be used to create mi-pad’s thermally efficient walls.

After months of searching, unsuccessfully, around the World, for a company who was able to make exactly what we needed, it was realised that we would need to think outside the box…. or more accurately, make the box!

It was at this point that we came across ASC UK LTD. Based in Kingswinford, West Midlands, they were able to manufacture the type of machine we needed to start building mi-pad®.

Sketches of squares deciphered, and technical drawings done, the order was placed for our very own cold rolled forming machine.

So, what is a cold rolled forming machine? Without giving away too many secrets, it is a process of machining that involves uncoiling a long strip of metal and sending it through several stands of rollers and punches set up in a long line. It is performed at room temperature, hence the term ‘cold’. Roll forming at room temperature maintains or even improves the properties of the original material.

Each stand of rollers adds small additional elements- be that a bend or a hole- to the strip, so that by the end of the line, the width of the strip has been formed into the required cross-sectional shape, which can then be cut into the desired lengths. The more complex the shape to be formed, the more roller stands can be added (our machine has 15!). The finished shape is called a roll formed section and it is these sections that we then construct the panels for mi-pad® with.

Nearly a year down the line- pun intended- and the final preparations are taking place to take delivery of our very own machine and we take a big step closer to the first mi-pad 595® rolling off the production line!

Here is a sneak peak of our machine going through the many stages of commissioning and setting up before it arrives in its new home.

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