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What’s your idea of a dream home?

We asked groups of people for their thoughts on mi-pad, and discovered how our idea of the perfect home is changing.

When developing the idea of mi-pad, we called in the opinions of those who matter most – the homebuyers – to allow us to really drill down into what people want and need from their homes.

Through a collections of focus groups, we quizzed them on what they thought of mi-pad, how they’d live in it, and how it could really work for them.

Feedback was fascinating, and it helped us refine the concept to become the product you see today. But our focus groups also gave us an interesting insight into the changing demands on our homes.

Here are five of the biggest mi-pad talking points…


One of the aspects people were most surprised by is how adaptable the space is. From its versatility to how well suited it’s suited for less able people, the flexible layout  of mi-pad went down a storm with those looking for a space with multiple functions – one that works, flexes and grows with their lifestyles.

They saw how a kitchen area ideal for a dinner party, say, could easily change into a more informal space to suit youngsters chilling out or doing homework under a parent’s watchful eye. Or how a bedroom could be a haven of relaxation – or a  more functional, multi-use space for working and living.


Our focus groups loved how easy mi-pad is – to buy, to build, and to live in. From the idea of ordering it online to having it delivered by just four trucks and constructed in a single day. They were also excited by the ability to live completely off grid should they choose. It was a winner for being so fabulously straightforward.


The round, modern design was seen as fun and funky, both functional and beautiful. Some people were impressed by how much light mi-pad would bring in, while others liked the fact that it’s detached and offers a lot for very little cost. Overall, people praised the concept  for putting something so brilliant within easy reach of so many.


Interestingly, while everyone seemed to love the circular design, some asked where they’d get curved furniture from, and how expensive it might be. We reassured them that while mi-pad is curved in all the right places, it also has internal walls which are straight, so there’s no real need to buy specially curved pieces unless they wanted to.


Being able to reduce their impact on the environment really struck a chord with our groups, agreeing that we all have a duty to live more responsibly than ever before. Which is precisely why we’ve built mi-pad to be extremely sustainable, energy efficient and lean; both in how it’s built and used. Which results in a smaller carbon footprint and clearer conscience. Suffice to say, our focus groups gave our green features a unanimous thumbs-up.

The overall verdict? To sum up, our focus groups thought mi-pad was “modern, spacious and innovative”, “everything you need and more”, and “out-of-this world”. Why not arrange a tour  and let us know what you think?

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