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The idea

Why we designed the world’s first factory-built eco-home

A modern-day housing revolution

Housing revolution

Housing revolution

mi-pad revolutionises housing by rethinking every part of its construction, then making it better. Through its unique, environmentally aware design, it offers affordable, sustainable and flexible living – and in doing so helps to answer some of the world’s most pressing problems.



As the first factory-built sustainable house, a mi-pad dwelling can be assembled in just one day. It can power itself and supply its own water. It can also float, acclimatise itself to extreme temperatures and withstand earthquakes. All this opens up new environments, and even ways of responding to global crises.

Improved lifestyle

Improved lifestyle

mi-pad enhances the way we live and work. It’s both beautiful and versatile – it’s as every bit a dream family home as it is a solution to a national housing shortage, or even a chain of coffee shops, hotels or ski chalets. The opportunities really are endless.

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Beautifully versatile

mi-pad is short for…


Because it does and can be many different things, for many different people and places.


Built intelligently, acts intelligently. mi-pad can float and power itself through solar energy.


During development, mi-pad was made up of 532 sides, which is called a Pentatricontadigon. It has since evolved.


mi-pad is always active, even when you’re not. It’s thermally aware and will automatically rebalance air quality.


It’s a place to live, to work and to be.

mi-pad is short for…

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